5 Must-Try Dishes From Dubai Cuisine

Are you planning a trip to Dubai and wondering what will be on the platter for you? Well, nothing to be worried. With a combination of Lebanese, Iranian, and Arabic food – the Dubia Cuisine will leave you thirsty for more. Whether you are a foodie or not, one just cannot ignore the delicious flavors that the Dubai Cuisine has in store for its travelers. The mesmerizing aroma of the spicy delicacies will offer you foodgasm in Dubai. Take a glance at the best five dishes that one must-try in Dubai.

1. Chelo Kebab: This Iranian dish is one of the best food served in Dubai. Chelo Kebab consisting of cooked rice and one of the wide varieties of Iranian Kebab. It is also considered to be the “National Dish” of Iran and first prepared during the regime of the Qajar Dynasty. It is served with accompaniments such as sumac powder, butter, onions, basil, and grilled tomatoes. “Doogh” is also a common traditional beverage served with Chelo Kebab. Hence, Chelo Kebab is top in the list of mouthwatering non-veg dishes served in Dubai. It is considered to be exceptional and out of the world tasty.  

2. Al Machboos: It is one of the best dishes in Dubai consists of rice, meat, and onions, seasoned with salt, spices, and dried lemon, which will surely excite foodies. Al Machboos has a unique zesty flavor, which is enjoyed by most people wanted to taste the Dubia Cuisine. Make sure to try this dish with raita and salad, which is supposed to be heavenly. One will truly surprised at how good this dish tastes, considering it looks unsophisticated and very plain. Al Machboos is also common and traditional in the whole of the Middle East and in some African nations. 

3. Al Harees: It is another popular dish in Dubai with highly-exotic taste. Al Harees is made up of wheat and meat. However, it is an elegant and simple dish with very little ingredients but with a longer time to cook. Al Harees is mainly served during Ramadan, Eid, and wedding events. Meat and wheat with a pinch of salt are cooked together in boiling water for hours until both components mix together and make a smooth paste, which will be further cooked in a covered clay pot almost overnight with coal. Tasting this dish, one can simply enjoy the salty flavor with the rich taste of wheat and meat. You can also add other species to intensify its taste to satisfy your buds. This dish is mainly served in flat plates, after topping local ghee on it.   

4. Baba Ganoush: It is a delicious dish made of smoked eggplant mixed with tomatoes, onions, and olive oil. Baba Ganoush is a Levantine dish, which is a great appetizer and crawled into the list of best dishes served in Dubai. You will surely feel happy and delighted after eating this delicious dish. If you cannot find this dish, ask local people as they are more than willing to guide you with the directions that have Baba Ganoush on their menu. You must try this dish with a handful of veggies and sliced bread. 

5. Mahalabiya: It is basically a milk pudding that has legendary origins dated to Sassanid Persia. The basic ingredients of Mahalabiya are milk, sugar, rice, and rice flour. Hence, it is a rich pudding seasoned with pistachios and rosewater, which is served cold usually. Overheating this sweet dish will totally change the actual taste of it and will also lose its rich flavors of Dubai. Mahalabiya is still a common dish in Turkey.  

If you are still wondering, don’t waste your time to plan your trip to Dubai and soon dine on Dubai Cuisine. You will surely be mesmerized at the standard of professionalism and hospitality the restaurants in Dubai offers. Don’t forget to tip them well after you enjoy dining out in Dubai. 

Top Five Tourist Places To Visit In Dubai

Dubai is the holiday hot spot of the United Arab Emirates. The city of shopping malls and high-rise buildings has deformed itself from a desert to an enjoyable and most visited destination, where visitors gather for sales bargains, family fun, enjoyment, and sunshine. Dubai is popular for sightseeing attractions, including shopping malls that come complete with indoor ski slopes and mammoth aquarium, and the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. Besides, Dubai has many cultural highlights, things to perform, and exciting modern add-ons.  

While taking a walk around the Bastakia district, I have discovered the old city, cruise along Dubai Creek in a traditional way, soon realized that there is more to discover in this city than just its showy veneer. Learn more about Dubai and places to visit, with our list of top-rated tourist destinations in Dubai.

1. Burj Khalifa: It is an 829.8 meters tall building, which landmarks the city along with Dubai’s points of interest. A trip to the observation deck on the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa is a must-do thing while in Dubai. The glimpse of the city skyline from such height is simply amazing. Firsthand experience from the slick observation deck includes- multimedia presentation of Burj Khalifa and Dubai on high-speed elevator guides to the observation deck for 360-degree views out across the desert to skyscrapers on one side and ocean on the other half.

Visiting the Burj Khalifa at night was simply awesome, popular mainly for pictures because of the city’s light panoramas. I have collected the tickets for ‘the top view’ advance, from the entrance to avoid long crew. Back to the ground, surrounded around the tallest building, are beautifully designed gardens, with windy walkways. There are ample of water features to see, such as Dubai Fountain, which is the world’s tallest performing fountain, a replica of the famous Las Vegas’ Fountains of Bellagio.

2. Dubai Museum: It was constructed in 1787, in the Al-Fahidi Fort to defend the city’s Creek. Dubai Museum features fort walls, which are held together with lime and built out of traditional coral-blocks. The upper portion of the museum is supported by wooden poles and the ceiling is made of mud, palm fronds, and plaster.

Historically, Al-Fahidi Fort has served as a house for the royal family, a seat of garrison, government, and prison. It was reconstructed in 1971, is presently the premier museum in Dubai. The entrance to the Dubai Museum offered me a fascinating display of old maps of the UAE and Dubai, highlighting the mammoth expansion that hits the area after the oil boom.  

The courtyard of the museum is home to numerous traditional boats and palm-leaf house with a wind-tower. The left side hall of the museum features musical instruments and the right side hall exhibits weaponry. Under the ground floor, there are display halls with dioramas and exhibits covering several aspects of traditional life (like Bedouin desert life and pearl fishing), and artifacts from three thousand to four thousand years old graves at Al-Quasais.

3. Jumeirah Mosque: It is considered to be one of the most beautiful of mosques in Dubai. Jumeirah Mosque is an accurate replica of Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo, which is quite bigger than it, but a real instance of Islamic architecture. The stone structure is constructed in traditional Fatimid style, originated from Egypt and Syria, with two minarets that highlight the fine details in the accurate stonework. This mosque looks more attractive and beautiful in the evening when it is lightened up.

Jumeirah Mosque was opened in 1979, was a grand gift from the Late Sheikh Rashid-bin-Saeed-Al-Maktoum. Guided tours are easily available for the mosque, which is organized by the ‘Sheikh Mohammed-Bin-Rashid Centre for Cultural Understanding’, which operates a program of lectures, cultural meals, tours, and Arabic classes. Few organized tours are also available for non-Muslims. The entrance to this mosque is free of cost and starts daily at 10 am, except Friday.

4. Bastakia: The Bastakia Quarter is also popular as Al-Fahidi neighborhood, which was established in the late 19th Century. This place offered home to rich Persian merchants, who mainly deal with textiles and pearls, came to this city to enjoy tax-free trading and also to access Dubai Creek. This place occupies the eastern part of Bur Dubai, along with coral, creek, and limestone buildings featured with wind towers or walls topped, have been preserved to the best.  

Wind-towers offered sand-color homes in Bastakia with an early structure of air conditioning as the wind trapped in the towers used to channel down into the houses. This architectural element was probably transplanted from their native land to the Gulf by the Persian merchants. Lined with versatile Arabian architecture, the narrow paths are highly-suggestive of past and much slower, age in the history of Dubai. Inside the district, got to see the Majlis Gallery featured with its vast collection of traditional Arab furniture and ceramics as well as the Al-Serkal Cultural Foundation designed with a cafe, shop, and rotating art exhibitions. In total, there are around 50 buildings, which contain craft shops, museums, cultural exhibits, art galleries, courtyard cafes, and two boutique hotels.  

5. Dubai Frame: It is an architectural landmark, located in Dubai’s Zabeel Park. Dubai Frame has been titled by The Guardian as “the biggest picture frame on the planet”. However, it is further controversial as the “biggest stolen building of all time”. Fernando Donis has conceived the project and was elected as the winner of a design competition by the Dubai Government. Dubai Frame also holds the record as the largest frame in the globe. It is 150. 24-meter height and 95.53-meter wide frame unveiled on January 1, 2018, which is one of the latest sightseeing in Dubai.

Dubai Frame is made of steel, glass, aluminum, and reinforced concrete. It is standing in such a way that indicative landmarks of the modern city can be easily seen from one side, while from another side, tourists can see other parts of the city. The total cost acquired to build it was AED 230 million. Experiencing this frame first-handed was truly amazing and would like to suggest other visitors planning to visit Dubai.  

Therefore, these are the top-listed tourist attractions in Dubai. In short, a trip to Dubai was simply splendid and would also suggest adventure lovers to enjoy the city to the fullest.