Are you planning a trip to Dubai and wondering what will be on the platter for you? Well, nothing to be worried. With a combination of Lebanese, Iranian, and Arabic food – the Dubia Cuisine will leave you thirsty for more. Whether you are a foodie or not, one just cannot ignore the delicious flavors that the Dubai Cuisine has in store for its travelers. The mesmerizing aroma of the spicy delicacies will offer you foodgasm in Dubai. Take a glance at the best five dishes that one must-try in Dubai.

1. Chelo Kebab: This Iranian dish is one of the best food served in Dubai. Chelo Kebab consisting of cooked rice and one of the wide varieties of Iranian Kebab. It is also considered to be the “National Dish” of Iran and first prepared during the regime of the Qajar Dynasty. It is served with accompaniments such as sumac powder, butter, onions, basil, and grilled tomatoes. “Doogh” is also a common traditional beverage served with Chelo Kebab. Hence, Chelo Kebab is top in the list of mouthwatering non-veg dishes served in Dubai. It is considered to be exceptional and out of the world tasty.  

2. Al Machboos: It is one of the best dishes in Dubai consists of rice, meat, and onions, seasoned with salt, spices, and dried lemon, which will surely excite foodies. Al Machboos has a unique zesty flavor, which is enjoyed by most people wanted to taste the Dubia Cuisine. Make sure to try this dish with raita and salad, which is supposed to be heavenly. One will truly surprised at how good this dish tastes, considering it looks unsophisticated and very plain. Al Machboos is also common and traditional in the whole of the Middle East and in some African nations. 

3. Al Harees: It is another popular dish in Dubai with highly-exotic taste. Al Harees is made up of wheat and meat. However, it is an elegant and simple dish with very little ingredients but with a longer time to cook. Al Harees is mainly served during Ramadan, Eid, and wedding events. Meat and wheat with a pinch of salt are cooked together in boiling water for hours until both components mix together and make a smooth paste, which will be further cooked in a covered clay pot almost overnight with coal. Tasting this dish, one can simply enjoy the salty flavor with the rich taste of wheat and meat. You can also add other species to intensify its taste to satisfy your buds. This dish is mainly served in flat plates, after topping local ghee on it.   

4. Baba Ganoush: It is a delicious dish made of smoked eggplant mixed with tomatoes, onions, and olive oil. Baba Ganoush is a Levantine dish, which is a great appetizer and crawled into the list of best dishes served in Dubai. You will surely feel happy and delighted after eating this delicious dish. If you cannot find this dish, ask local people as they are more than willing to guide you with the directions that have Baba Ganoush on their menu. You must try this dish with a handful of veggies and sliced bread. 

5. Mahalabiya: It is basically a milk pudding that has legendary origins dated to Sassanid Persia. The basic ingredients of Mahalabiya are milk, sugar, rice, and rice flour. Hence, it is a rich pudding seasoned with pistachios and rosewater, which is served cold usually. Overheating this sweet dish will totally change the actual taste of it and will also lose its rich flavors of Dubai. Mahalabiya is still a common dish in Turkey.  

If you are still wondering, don’t waste your time to plan your trip to Dubai and soon dine on Dubai Cuisine. You will surely be mesmerized at the standard of professionalism and hospitality the restaurants in Dubai offers. Don’t forget to tip them well after you enjoy dining out in Dubai.